Invisible East Digital Corpus

PI (Research Lead)

Arezou Azad

Project Manager (Technical Lead, TEI-XML)

Arash Zeini (April 2022 - March 2023)

Software Developers

Mike Allaway (May 2023-present)

eXist Solutions (Spring 2022 - March 2023)

Assistant Database Manager

Edward Shawe-Taylor (October 2023 - present)

Senior Research Assistants

Ofir Haim

Nabi Saqee

Pejman Firoozbakhsh

Majid Montazer-Mahdi

Visiting Researchers

Shamim Homayun

Student Researchers

Ed Shawe-Taylor (January 2023 - October 2023)

Catherine McNally (January 2023 - October 2023)

Special Thanks

IT Office, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Invisible East Programme

Silvia Ferreri

Servane Wentzel

Other Institutions

Marina Rustow, Princeton Geniza Project

Sarah Savant, Center for Digital Humanities, Aga Khan University

Sohail Merchant, Center for Digital Humanities, Aga Khan University

Maxim Romanov, University of Hamburg

Website Translators

Nabi Saqee (Persian)

Pejman Firoozbakhsh (Persian)